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Inspiring Stories: How High School Students Are Making a Social Impact Through Entrepreneurship


High school students may still be young, but they are already proving themselves capable of making a significant social impact through entrepreneurial pursuits. With creativity, determination, and a passion for making a difference, these young entrepreneurs are tackling social issues head-on and inspiring others along the way. Here are some stories of high school students who have made waves in the realm of social entrepreneurship.

Story 1: Hannah Lucas – Not Ok, Period.

At just 16 years old, Hannah Lucas invented an app called "NotOk" aimed at helping victims of bullying reach out for immediate assistance when facing distressing situations. The idea came after experiencing her own struggles with mental health and cyberbullying during her freshman year. Now, she continues advocating against cyberbullying and raising awareness around mental health issues among teenagers.

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Story 2: Joshua Williams – Joshua's Heart Foundation

Since founding his nonprofit organization Joshua's Heart Foundation at age four, Joshua Williams has led efforts to distribute food and resources to families affected by poverty and homelessness across South Florida. To date, he has raised over $1 million and engaged thousands of volunteers in fighting hunger locally and globally.

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Story 3: Maya Penn – Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Maya Penn started her eco-friendly fashion line, Maya's Ideas, at the tender age of eight. She uses organic cotton and recycled materials in designing clothing and accessories, promoting sustainability within the industry. Moreover, she donates a portion of proceeds toward environmental conservation initiatives and empowering girls worldwide.

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Empowering Future Generations

These stories illustrate the power of entrepreneurship combined with compassion and dedication to driving social progress. By highlighting the achievements of young changemakers, we hope to inspire even more students to explore their potential and create lasting impacts on communities near and far.


Did you know that social entrepreneurship and philanthropy are something even high schoolers can get involved in?

Philanthropy Kids is a social organization that works with high schoolers through its Impact Factory programs to inspire and develop the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

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