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Welcome to the Future of Philanthropy

For over a decade, Philanthropy Kids has been building a generation of givers.

Philanthropy Kids enables kids across North Texas to give back and make a difference in their communities.

Check out our programs and volunteer opportunities to see how you can join our mission to celebrate and inspire philanthropy in youth.



Philanthropy starts early with PAVE

Many youth are not exposed to philanthropy, community service, nonprofit leadership and social entrepreneurship until much later in life. Philanthropy And Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship (PAVE) is a 4-week course that teaches kids the ins and outs of nonprofit organizations, builds strong public speaking and leadership skills, and instills a life-long spirit of service.

Explore PAVE

Build Something Helpful in the Impact Factory

Young people often are not provided the opportunities to participate in community initiatives or given the support to start their own organizations. The Impact Factory aims to combat that issue through our Residency and Fellowship.

Our Residency outfits young entrepreneurs with the tools to design and execute a project that creatively helps a community in need. Our Fellowship help young adults develop their technical skills by providing pro bono services to different nonprofit organizations

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