Philanthropy Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to celebrating and inspiring philanthropy in youth. We work with kids all around the world to make their communities stronger through charitable action.

We believe that you don't need to be rich or old to be a philanthropist. You just need to care.

Our flagship education program, PAVE (Philanthropy And Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship), has been in schools across the globe since 1994 and teaches kids the ins and outs of the nonprofit sector and equips them with the leadership skills necessary to be active philanthropists. By the end of the program, participants will have designed a project that combines their personal interests with community needs. This program has been introduced to schools and community centers around the world. When students are identified as underperforming/failing their standardized testing, participation in PAVE leads to a 30-50 percent point increase in test scores.

Our second (and latest) program is the Impact Factory, a social impact residency that allows anyone 10-30 years old to explore social entrepreneurship by developing and managing their own charitable initiatives. Projects range from one-time service events to full-scale 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Residents are outfitted with a variety of operational resources including bank accounts, legal support, temporary 501c3 designations, mentors, and more. Our mentors are volunteers who usually join through an employee engagement campaign at their workplace or through learning about Philanthropy Kids through other channels. These mentors are paired with Residents based on common interests and prior experiences.

Our last program is Philanthropy Kids Media, the recognition arm of the organization. Previously, we have published magazines that highlighted the stories of kids helping others in big ways and small. As our audience has changed over the years, many of these stories are been shared through digital platforms as blogs and short-form videos


Philanthropy Kids is dedicated to celebrating and inspiring philanthropy in youth.


Philanthropy Kids wants to enable young philanthropists to realize their strengths and grow into leaders driven by service.