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Philanthropy And Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship


PAVE is a leadership course, which teaches kids how to be active philanthropists and social entrepreneurs. Students research community needs, identify their personal interests, and connect the two to design a charitable initiative. All of this is achieved while building individual public speaking and writing skills.


For over a decade, PAVE has built a generation of leaders driven by empathy and conviction, and led to tremendous success both inside and outside the classroom.


Each PAVE students participates in a capstone project where they outline a personal strategic plan that will make them a more effective philanthropist. They analyze their individual strengths and determine how to best implement them in their communities through volunteerism, fundraising, community activism, nonprofit leadership, and social entrepreneurship.


Students propose a project that benefits an issue they have researched and connects with a personal interest they already have identified at the beginning of the course.

PAVE Graduates see major improvements in academic performance. Students who are failing their STAAR tests see a 30-50 percent point increase in test scores after going through PAVE (those not failing see an 8-12 percent point increase).

From classroom behavior to community involvement, PAVE graduates are the ones who will make tomorrow's impact happen today!

"PAVE has completely changed my worldview. Since going through the program 16 years ago, I have found creative ways to integrate philanthropy into everything I do, professionally and personally."

Amit Banerjee, President & CEO of Philanthropy Kids

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