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A 5-week course that enables the next generation of philanthropists with the tools they need to maximize their social impact

Philanthropy And Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship



Working with schools and community organizations, our 8-week program builds lifelong givers who will lead their lives with a socially conscious and entrepreneurial mindset. Each PAVE Participant develops a plan of action to take what they've learned and use it to make a difference in their community.

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PAVE Global

Since 2013, our PAVE instructors have worked with kids across the globe to find ways to give back. We realize that every country and every city has its own culture of giving, and our customized PAVE curricula reflect that identity. Click the button below to find out how to bring PAVE Global to your country!

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Our PAVE Story

In 1994, Bob Hopkins had a vision to develop the next generation of philanthropic leaders by teaching youth about philanthropy and volunteerism. This became the PAVE program, which stood for Philanthropy and Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship. The key objectives of the program are to introduce the concepts of philanthropy, communication and leadership to kids and inspire them to continue implementing what they learn as they grow older.

Participants of the program are taught the ins and outs of the nonprofit sector. They learn how to run a fundraising campaign for a nonprofit organization that they choose. They become familiar with the fiscal and legal differences between 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and other companies. They also practice their communication skills by giving presentations to various civic and philanthropic leaders from their community.

PAVE alumni have taken their skills and knowledge beyond the 8-week course. Some have started regularly volunteering with different charities in their area. Some have facilitated large-scale service projects to benefit either an individual or an organization in their community. Some have even started their own 501(c)3 organizations.

In 2013, PAVE was acquired by Philanthropy Kids and has since hosted programs all around the world under the PAVE USA and PAVE Global brands.