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The Power of Giving:
Young Superheroes Making a Difference

A new book project by Phiilanthropy Kids and Difference Makers Media



If you've helped someone, we want to tell your story in this children's book - you'll become a bestselling author



Join our Popcorn to Publish campaign to raise the money needed to publish the book by selling popcorn

Dollar Notes


Make a direct donation to our project and be recognized for helping us tell the stories of young givers!

We have some exciting news!

You can become a best-selling author by being a part of Philanthropy Kids’ latest children’s book project!

It’s titled, The Power of Giving: Young Superheroes Making a Difference, and will shine a light on ten young givers and tell their stories.


I’m Lynn Sanders, the Story Coach at Difference Makers Media. Philanthropy Kids and I want to feature your stories and inspire other kids to do good in their communities!

To publish this book, we’re doing a fundraiser that we want you to join. We’ll recognize our top fundraisers in the book, and they’ll be eligible for cool prizes.


We have a couple of ways you can fundraise with us:

  1. Sell Gourmet Popcorn to your friends, family, and neighbors – a portion of all sales go towards the book.

    • Use this link to get credit for any popcorn sales that you make:

    • As you reach out to people, make sure they use your name as the “seller” when they check out. That way, we can see your sales in real time!


  1. Find sponsors and donors!

    • No matter the size of the gift, people can make direct donations to this project - sponsors will be recognized in the book.

    • Visit our donation page to make a donation.

Sponsors can receive different levels of recognition, according to the size of their contribution.

  • Sponsors at $250 will have their name in the book.

  • Sponsors at $500 will have their name and logo in the book.

  • Sponsors at $1000 will have their name, logo, a contact link, and included in online publicity.

  • Sponsors at $1500 will have their name, logo, contact, publicity outreach, and be featured in a Difference Makers Media interview.The interview will be posted through Wonderful Living TV on Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, Roku TV and Apple TV… that reaches over 3 million viewers/month.


Our fundraiser starts NOW and lasts for 3 weeks – till Monday, May 16th.

Get started today! Don’t wait!


Use these links:

Donations and sponsorship:

You can also post the images that we’ve attached here for you on your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or other social media sites.

Consider making a video.  Let others know about your story.  Tell them why you’re excited about the Power of Giving book.  And share how anyone can help to publish this book by buying popcorn, making a donation or being a sponsor.


Our goal is to sell 1000 bags of popcorn by the entire team. If we have at least 50 people who sell 20 bags of popcorn, we can reach our goal.


The Gourmet Popcorn will be delivered personally to each home in the United States within two weeks after the closing of our fundraiser. Customers can expect delivery by the end of May.


Anyone can support this cause. Consider asking teachers, friends, family,

neighbors and followers online. It’s easy to share the images and links.


We appreciate your help in creating and publishing The Power of Giving: Young Superheroes Making A Difference.  You’re making a big difference!


Thank you so much. Let’s make this our best fundraiser EVER.


We’ll be sending out a story template and guidelines soon.

Looking forward to sharing your stories!


To Your Success,



Lynn Sanders

Difference Makers Media, LLC

Bringing Your Stories To Life

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