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Young leaders showcase “Philanthropy in Action” projects after graduating PAVE program

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The most recent graduating class of the Philanthropy And Volunteerism in Entrepreneurship (PAVE) program spent 4 weeks learning about giving back in relevant and impactful ways. Throughout the course, students learned about philanthropy and the various ways it is realized in their communities, as service events, fundraisers, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises.

The goal of PAVE is to instill charitable values in the students and empower them to make a significant difference in their communities by equipping them with necessary leadership skills.

Students go through a series of exercises to identify their personal interests and connect them to societal needs they have researched. Once the connection is made, they develop project concepts that represent “Philanthropy In Action”.

At their graduation, each student utilizes the public speaking skills they learned throughout the course to present their “Philanthropy in Action” projects to an audience of parents, local philanthropists, and community members.

Some of the projects presented at this session’s graduation include:

  • Social Enterprises

  • WeCare, a medical devices distribution company that supplies healthcare workers with PPE during emergencies.

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Bholi Ko, a nonprofit organization that focuses on immersing Nepali-American kids with Nepali culture and sustaining traditions that may have otherwise been lost.

  • Social Organizations

  • New Student Onboarding club, a student organization that provides new students a support network of other students who have also transferred from another campus.

  • Environmentalism club to engage students in volunteering programs to clean up local public spaces and education initiatives about reducing waste.

  • Singular Charitable Initiatives

  • Food drive to support the North Texas Food Bank

  • Fundraiser for DFW-based animal shelters

As graduates of PAVE, students are automatically accepted into the Impact Factory, a social impact incubator that helps young people (ages 10-30) develop their charitable ideas into effective and sustainable organizations and programs.

PAVE is a program hosted by Philanthropy Kids, a DFW-based nonprofit focused on celebrating and inspiring philanthropy in youth. Philanthropy Kids hosts the PAVE with partner schools during the fall semester. PAVE is held during the summer are open to all students.

Campus and District representatives interested in bringing PAVE to their region can email for more information.

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