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NTX Giving Day Donations are already coming in during Early Giving

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

North Texas Giving Day is on Sept. 22, but many excited donors have already submitted their contributions to Philanthropy Kids and other nonprofits during Early Giving, which began on Sept. 1 and will run until the midnight before Giving Day.

While anyone can give on North Texas Giving Day, there are a lot of benefits to donating during the Early Giving period, including:

  1. All funds raised during Early Giving are matched via Bonus Funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas.

  2. Philanthropy Kids can earn prizes for reaching certain participation thresholds (dollars and donor count) during Early Giving.

  3. Our outreach team can condense their contact lists because they know who’s already given and focus on reaching less likely donors.

Your contributions however big and however small allow us to uplift young philanthropists across North Texas and around the world. We hope that you can support us this North Texas Giving Day!

You can make your donations on the NTGD plaform here.

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