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Registration Now Open!

This summer, we find ourselves amid a global pandemic while navigating long-overdue conversations and calls-to-action in response to civil unrest. Youth have become keenly aware of the societal needs around them and their own social responsibility. Now more than ever, PAVE’s message that “anyone can be a philanthropist” is not only relevant, but much needed.

This summer, to ensure the safety of participants and in recognition of our own responsibility to our community, PAVE is going virtual! Join us as we discuss not only the needs of our society, but also how to address them. Virtual PAVE program participants will learn the tools they need to effectively assess social needs, identify non-profit organizations that address them, discover how they themselves can get involved, and propose actionable steps forward.

Equally as important, virtual PAVE participants will develop the leadership skills they need to be successful in their pursuit to make change and help others. Every child has it within them to become a philanthropist. This summer’s virtual PAVE program will empower youth to develop that potential by guiding them through the process of turning their passion into action.  

Virtual PAVE is a 5-week program meeting each Saturday from 7/11/20 through 8/8/20.  Sessions will be held via the free online video platform Zoom.  Multiple security measures are in place to ensure the online safety of participants.
Email PAVE at pave.dallas​ to learn more or to register today.

“PAVE Students learn how to introduce themselves, ask for support in person and writing, discuss what charity they want to support and why and most importantly, learn that being a philanthropist isn't just about giving away money. It's an attitude of having a love for humankind. And PAVE participants get it! Just when I feel overwhelmed with what's wrong in our world, it's great to see something working that's so right." - Scott S.

PAVE Summer 2020 - Registration Now Open!: Get Involved
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