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PAVE Global

PAVE Global takes our award-winning PAVE curriculum and infuses it with cultures spanning the entire globe. Our program has developed life-long philanthropists in Mexico, India, Haiti, and more.

Charity is a universal concept that can be instilled in young people no matter what their background. and PAVE Global helps to foster that behavior through workshops and seminars


If you are interested in bringing PAVE Global to your country, please email us at PAVE@philanthropykids.org

We have previously worked with grade schools, universities, and NGOs to present our course. If you are a representative of an organization that fits that description please share that in your outreach. If you are not affiliated with a school or NGO, we are still eager to begin a conversation on how to best bring PAVE Global to your home.


Our Education Team understands that every community has its own identity. We aim to curate an experience that matches your country's unique culture of giving.

People are good. And people want to do good. It looks different for everyone, and that is exactly what we celebrate through PAVE!