Nick Marino Jr.

Board Member, Class of 2023

Co-Founder, Revolving Mind Media

In 2016 Nick was named as a Top Texan Under 30. His primary focus is on making an everlasting impact in his community through the work that he does. Nick is the Director of Social Change at TangoTab, a company that is working to end hunger in America. TangoTab is a free mobile app that works with over 100,000 restaurants across the country. Every time an individual uses the TangoTab app, they earn reward points, and TangoTab feeds a person in need, in their city. To date, TangoTab has fed over 1.85 million people in need. Through TangoTab, Nick has led the efforts to launch Feed The City and Farm The City events. Currently, there are over twenty-five events that happen a month around the country that produces enough meals to feed over 25,000 people.

On top of his work at TangoTab, Nick is the founder of That's Just Good. Nick built this brand to shine a spotlight on people that LIVE WITH PURPOSE. That's Just Good is a platform that highlights individuals making a difference across the streets, states, and seas. The brand also includes the creation of 'Live With Purpose' clothing line and a new initiative that drives corporations and groups to give back.

In 2010 Nick started the blog, The Revolving Mind. After leaving a career in the corporate world, Nick transformed his blog into a business by creating Revolving Mind Media. In 2016 Nick and now business partner Aaron Zack had turned Revolving Mind Media into a marketing powerhouse that works with professional athletes, local startups, and national accounts to expand their brand through advertising and marketing.

Nick is also an equity owner and investor in POWERHANDZ (one of the fastest-growing athletic training products in the U.S.) and iCRYO (the fastest-growing cryotherapy chain in the U.S.).

"When becoming part of an organization I look at 3 main components. One, do they have a why? Two, what is their mission? Three, who are the people running the day-to-day. I firmly believe in all 3 of these with Philanthropy Kids. I am extremely excited to work with this team to take this organization to the next level and help impact our next generation."

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